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Barrier-Free Living

Barrier-free living usually puts special demands on the furnishing and the spatial conditions within the whole house. Our team puts into practice individual solutions for people with handicaps or restricted mobility. With our ideas we will support you in receiving a maximum of independence, security and living culture.

Together with you our architects will plan a custom-tailored living concept. Your abilities and mobility restrictions as well as your physical condition will be incorporated in the preliminary design.

Among others a barrier-free living concept takes the following services into consideration:

Inspection of the spatial conditions on site
Suggestions concerning neccessary constructional changes
Designing ergonomic furniture in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc.
Use of modern CAD technology to visualise individual rooms and pieces of furniture
Information on possible sponsors and support programmes
Professional aid concerning application for sponsoring and financing of your building project
Providing of a complete offer or cost estimation, which contains all services and fees in consideration
   of your requirements. Upon request, we will realise your barrier-free residence turnkey ready.
Complete coordination of all measures, also with our partners and suppliers, before and during the
   phases of construction and production.
You will have one contact person who will deal with the complete handling of the project.


Would you like some more information on barrier-free living?
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