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Living Room and Bathroom Furniture

The manufacture of living room and bathroom furniture is also far from mass production. By combining traditional craftsmanship quality and latest production methods we can guarantee a realisation of demanding ideas for a reasonable price. Our furniture production guarantees high durability and functionality. A few examples of our production include the following:

Dining and coffee tables
Living room wall units
Shelving systems
Bathroom cabinets and vanity units
Wardrobes, also walk-in closets
Cloak room and hallway furniture

Reasons that speak for the manufacturing of custom-made bathroom and living room furniture:

You would like to ensure that the used material is ecologically produced
   and is mounted with environment-friendly auxiliary substances.
You have special building conditions (e.g. room corners deviating
   from standard angle measures).
You have certain conceptions of fuctionality and design which are not
   met by conventional producers of furniture.
You are in the need of furniture which does not allow you to resort to
   standard sizes (e.g. an especially large dining table).
You have special requirements concerning the quality structure of
   material, the resilience of furniture, home furniture featuring
   additional functions etc.
You would like to have furniture manufactured according to esoteric
   principles (Feng Shui).

Would you like some more information on living room and bathroom furniture?
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